Kayla Marie


I’m doing a project for my Religions course and I am looking at Bronies from a religious perspective. I’m watching the documentary that’s on Netflix, but would love some feedback from any members of the group. Getting information straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak) would go a long way in my project. All help is appreciated! And I don’t need to publish your name if you wish to remain anonymous. 

Would you consider being a Brony a religious experience? Would you say being a part of this group includes adhering to certain myths, rituals, and doctrines? Are there sacred places involved? Any specific ethics and morals?

Have you ever locked something up in a box so tight, pushed it to the furthest recesses of your mind, and then had the top blow off when you least expected it? It gets harder every day. And sometimes I feel like I can’t be strong anymore. I’m utterly exhausted. It’s slowly killing me. Every medical problem I have is rooted in stress and worry. Keeping things bottled up for so long takes a toll on you. I no longer do the things that bring me joy. I don’t hand-letter. I don’t read books. I don’t watch television. I sit and think about details that make me feel like vomiting. I stew in my own mind. I desperately grasp at straws. I try to find the silver lining, and come up empty. It’s been a tough summer. I can’t wait for classes to start back up so I can be busy again. It’s so much easier to forget when I’m busy.